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 Professor Nicholas Humphrey, London

Nicholas Humphrey is a theoretical psychologist, based in Cambridge, who is known for his work on the evolution of human intelligence and consciousness. His interests are wide ranging. He studied mountain gorillas with Dian Fossey in Rwanda, he was the first to demonstrate the existence of “blindsight” after brain damage in monkeys, he proposed the celebrated theory of the "social function of intellect", and he is the only scientist ever to edit the literary journal Granta.

His books include Consciousness Regained, The Inner Eye, A History of the Mind, Leaps of Faith, The Mind Made Flesh and most recently Seeing Red. He has been the recipient of several honours, including the Martin Luther King Memorial Prize, and the British Psychological Society’s book award.

He has been Lecturer in Psychology at Oxford, Assistant Director of the Subdepartment of Animal Behaviour at Cambridge, Senior Research Fellow in Parapsychology at Cambridge, Professor of Psychology at the New School for Social Research, New York, and School Professor at the London School of Economics.

website: http://www.humphrey.org.uk/

Lectures (Kungshuset 3pm - 5 pm):

Tuesday May 24th 1. “Soul-dust: the magic of consciousness.”

Wednesday May 25th 2. “Nature’s hidden persuaders: self-regulation and the placebo effect.”

Thursday May 26th 3. “Beauty’s child: sexual selection, nature worship and the love of God.”

Friday May 27th 4. “What shall we tell the children? Religious indoctrination and children’s rights.”

  Nicholas Humphrey, Pufendorf Lecture 1, 2011 - Soul Dust, the Magic of   Consciousness

  Nicholas Humphrey, Pufendorf Lecture 2, 2011 - Can False Beliefs be   Good for You? Self-regulation and the Placebo Effect

  Nicholas Humphrey, Pufendorf Lecture 3, 2011 - Beauty's Child: Sexual   Selection, Nature Worship and the Love of God

  Nicholas Humphrey, Pufendorf Lecture 4, 2011 - What Shall We Tell the   Children? Religious Indoctrination and Children's Rights

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